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An Exclusive bonus for the guitar heads!

Let's face it, guitar learning can get quite complicated at times - but getting all the variables right can be a very rewarding experience! These variable, even though very minute, can hold you back from the fluency and level of expertise you desire!

In this free book, I decode 25 such mistake and give you instant fixes! Your guitar playing is never going to be the same again!

​All Guitar Head Books!

​Audio Tracks!

​High quality audio tracks for every lick in the book will ensure you nail the licks even if you have trouble reading guitar tabs.

Each lick is played twice - One at a slow tempo and one at a "catchy tempo". Get them below!

​Printable Sheets!

​A bundle of goodies containing:

A flash card game

A fretboard reference sheet

A practice sheet

And a few bonus exercises!

​Audio Tracks!

​Audio tracks for this one too! They are of absolute high quality and played extra slow to make sure you hear every note!

​Audio Tracks!

​High Quality tracks to make sure you nail the exercises and licks provided in the book!

​Audio and Backing Tracks!

​You get audio tracks for the licks in the book along with various styles of backing tracks for you to jam along!

​Audio Tracks!

​Audio tracks for every lick in the book is now available. Backing track for the 30+ scales in the book will be available soon!

Printable Sheets, Audio And Backing Tracks!

All the bonuses of the individual books in one place:

-Printable Sheets

-Audio Tracks

-Backing Tracks

​Audio Tracks!

Audio tracks for every lick in the book is now available. 

Chapter wise categorized:

-Audio Tracks

-Backing Tracks

Bonus Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet that summarizes all the principles of the book

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