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Bass for Beginners: How to Play the Bass in 7 Simple Steps
Introducing, the 7-step master plan to bass guitar mastery! Did you grow up watching legendary bassists like Les Claypool and Flea? Have you been inspired by these legends but don’t know where to start your journey? Have you been told...
Guitar for Beginners: How to Play Your First Song In 7 Days Even If You've Never Picked Up A Guitar
It Took Me 3 Months to Play My First Song - But You’ll Be Doing That in Less Than A Week. It wasn’t because I was slow or bad at guitar. Neither was it because I practiced less. I was...
10x Your Guitar Progress While Practicing Less
Introducing, A New Way to Play Guitar Which Will 10x Your Progress without Spending Hours Practicing If you want to get good at guitar as quick as possible without reading through bundles of theory, practicing for hours every day or...
Guitar Tabs: Learn to Read Tabs in Less than 60 Minutes
Being a Beginner Guitarist Can be Hard! Being a Beginner Who Can't Read Guitar Tabs is HARDER! You hear an incredible guitar solo and you want to play it right away! You do a quick search on the internet and...
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