I was one of those guitarists who carried a guitar pick in their wallet all the time. It was not because I was ready to jam whenever someone asks me to - far from it!


It took me some digging to figure out why I carried this triangle piece of plastic in my wallet all the time. It wasn't a straight answer - I wasn't expecting one either.


The best I could uncover was - it was an emotion! A sense of identity. A sense of pride and accomplishment.


I carried this pick around in my wallet for years. I rarely used it but it always got me excited every time it caught people's attention. I bubbled with joy whenever someone asked me "Oh! You play guitar?"


I've since stopped carrying that pick but the idea never left side. I always wished I had something to capture and communicate the way I felt as a guitarist.


This is where Guitar Head comes in.  We want to capture that feeling of identity and pride. Not in a plastic triangle, but in something more significant. 

Something that can constantly remind us who we are and what we do. 


That's where the idea of canvas wall art for guitarists come in. We wanted to give these complicated emotions a tangible form. Capture it in a piece of art that rivals the beauty of our music and instrument.


It's our way of expressing, when we are unarmed - without a guitar or an amp. Our way of communicating and expressing outside creating music.


And we couldn't find a better way of capturing them than canvas art! A combination of visual and auditory art.


We decided to print our thoughts on a large piece of canvas and wrap it around a wooden frame. Now that qualifies as art and is something more tangible than a guitar pick.


It's not just a picture poster - everyone has one that. This is much more than that. 

It's premium ready to hang canvas art that will outlast a lifetime. 


Guitar Head wall art is our way of eternalizing what it means to be a guitarist.


This is a new start for us - wish us luck!


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