and the 

 "F" word

Pick up the guitar, play your favorite songs, write a few licks, jam with your buddies or simply learn a new style.

Guitar is fun, relaxing, and a way to get away from the world. You could even be as happy as this guy here, with his “probably Yamaha” guitar, all smiling, his partner happy while he plays his A chord. 

What a beautiful world! 

But for the other 99% of us guitarists - we are nowhere near as happy as this guy while playing the guitar.

This is not the face of a guy trying to hold 2 strings together for the F chord for the first time. Or trying to get that AC/DC sound by turning up the volume and turning down the distortion. This is not the face of a guy trying to find the tabs to the Sweet Child O’ Mine solo when every teacher has their own version of it. This is not the face of a guy who just saw a 9-year-old kid on YouTube play the solo from Eruption – blindfolded! 

And the wife’s never this happy about the sounds you’ve been making.

Oh no! That’s rarely the case! We are never this happy!  

The effort this piece of wood with 6 strings demands can wipe that smile out in no time! Guitar takes time, it takes patience, it takes money, and at times it begs the question “Will I ever learn to play the guitar? Is this even worth it?”

Complex music theory, finding the right guitar lesson, figuring out the perfect tone, fighting finger fatigue and injuries, fat fingers – the list of difficulties we face on a regular basis is endless.

If you could describe what guitarists go through regularly in one word - it would be the F word. Nope, not that F word, the other one – Frustration! 

It starts the minute you pick up the guitar and ends only when you decide you’ve had enough of this sh*t. But if you decide to keep playing – you’d better get used to it. ʼCause it’s not going anywhere! 

For that 99% of people who are frustrated to the point of giving up on the instrument – Guitar Head can help.

"Guitar is about 

Fun, Personality & Expression

Not Frustration!"

Having given up on guitar at least a dozen times, we know how it feels! The feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of being lost and spending months not making any progress. 

It’s not a nice feeling to have and we wanted to end it.

So, we decided to write a few books, gather a few like-minded people, and build a company to solve this issue. We want to help you remove the frustration that comes with the guitar.

To remind guitarists what the true meaning of being a guitarist is.


To give you a new way to look at the instrument which can make it less frustrating.

We could even make you happy with the instrument.

Ok, not as happy at the guy in the picture though. 

And we do this with our crystal-clear instruction books, written in a lighthearted tone. 

By discussing the sh*t we go through regularly in our community and sending out emails educating you on the right way to face guitar problems.

The guitar gives us enough things to worry about. The last thing you want is to learn from people who haven’t smiled in a decade. Or from random teachers on the internet.

So, if you want to be a part of what we’re doing, click the button below to join the email list, where we send out guitar lessons, talk about frustrations and offer giveaways.

Glad to have you on board! See you soon!

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