Scales Mastery - 2 Book Bundle

These books helped me understand both the fretboard and scales with much more ease than books I’d tried before. 

 - Brian Gilfillan. Guitar Head Customer 

Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music

Have you felt lost with the traditional method of learning scales? Ever thought that there might be an easier and more effective way to crack this?

Well there is!

You can now go straight to the real method of learning scales, the way the pros do it - understand how the scales and positions work and then have fun with it.

A method that’s beginner friendly and needs no prior music experience.


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How We Do It

The Ultimate Guide to Scales mastery

Designed for absolute beginners, these books show lessons ranging from how to learn your first scale to how to improvise and everything in between.

Book #1 – Guitar Scales for Beginners: We understand how guitars scales work using “note patterns”. Using the example of the A minor pentatonic scale, we show you the inner mechanics of a scale, give you practice licks to start soloing, and exercises to create your own music. We also discuss scale formulas – an easy way to get all future scales under your belt.

Book #2 – Guitar Scales Bible: We discuss 30+ scales. Which you’ll not need to memorize with everything we covered till now. You can simply pick a scale you wish and explore away!

So, if you’re a passionate guitarist with no prior music experience, looking to transform your guitar journey – these books are for you!


  • Scales for Beginners
  • Scales Bible

Learn your First Scale and 

it's Positions

  • The secret method  to mastering your very first scale and every other scale thereafter.
  • Tips to help you create your very own fretboard map.
  • Simplified theory on how scales are formed and how they work.
  • Exercises to get you playing immediately.
  • Tons of lick ideas to put the theory to practice.
  • Audio tracks for the licks and backing tracks for you to jam along.
  • And a lot more….

Change the Course of Your Guitar Journey - With Over 30 Scales And 125 Lick Ideas

  • Explanations for each of the 30+ scales and modes.
  • Whole neck and pattern diagrams for each scale.
  • A "Take Action" section with lick ideas to make sure the theory hits practical playing skills!
  • Free audio tracks for every lick in the book.
  • All the theory you need - construction formulas, notes and sprinkled secrets to get the best out of the scales.
  • And a lot more.....



Guitar scales for beginners

guitar scales bible

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

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