Being a Beginner Who Can't Read Guitar Tabs is HARDER!

You hear an incredible guitar solo and you want to play it right away! You do a quick search on the internet and are welcomed by a bunch of lines with numbers on them. What's worse? There are different markings between the numbers!

While guitar tabs can seem intimidating, they can easily be broken down and digested by absolutely anyone! Even if you haven't touched the guitar before! When tackled with the right guidance and mindset, these bunch of lines can suddenly become fun! And an integral part of your playing!



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You'll be reading tabs in no time!

A Quick Solution

  • Tab reading broken into 5 easy steps!
  • Basics of how tabs work.
  • Detailed explanation of rhythm and it's usage in tab format.

What's more

  • How advanced techniques such as pinch harmonics are presented in tabs.
  • 20 Exercises licks to try out your newfound skill.
  • Free audio tracks for all the licks and a bundle of bonuses more.

A Golden Skill

A Golden Skill

Learning guitar can be an uphill task, trying to learn guitar without knowing to read tabs is plain torture!

Trust me when I say this, these numbers on lines working with the weird patterns can cover A LOT of information! From rhythm to technique, it captures them all! Everything you will ever read or see on the internet is most probably written in guitar tabs! It's easiest and least daunting method to convey music in written tabs.

A guitarist who can't read tabs is comparable to a person trying to cross a busy street blindfolded! You'll stumble and trip, you might even give up on guitar! Learning to read tabs is one of the fundamental skills you need to possess as a guitarist!

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