• Timing Matters

    Timing Matters

    Some of us learned how to play guitar in recent years; then there are some of us, like me, who learned when we were kids. When I was learning, I certainly wanted to impress many people with my slick solos and techniques. Keep in mind that this is a 13-year-old I’m talking about—a young, emphatic, enthusiastic boy who just never took no for an...
  • Reverb v/s Delay

    Reverb v/s Delay

    Turn the clock back a few years: I was a naive beginner excessively fascinated by the use of reverb and delay. For someone who had spent countless hours playing the guitar with nothing but a bit of distortion, these two effects opened a treasure chest of possibilities. I still remember the first time I heard a friend of mine talk about a box that...
  • It’s Fun to Exercise!

    It’s Fun to Exercise!

    I’m about to confess a guilty secret... Not just to all the subscribers to this blog, but also to my colleagues in the GuitarHead office. Last week, I purchased a new music exercise book for myself... Why should I feel so guilty about this you might ask?!? Well for starters it’s a book of piano exercises, which may be an act of treachery against...
  • Vibrato


    Most musicians begin their journey due to some figure of inspiration. Elton John has probably kick-started many piano lessons, John Coltrane has no doubt been responsible for thousands of newbies to take up a saxophone, and John Bonham undoubtedly incited more rookie tub-thumpers than any other drummer in history (possibly excluding Buddy Rich...)  As for guitarists, the list of muses is probably impossible to...
  • Stomp boxes v/s Multi FX pedals

    Stomp boxes v/s Multi FX pedals

    Anybody embarking on a journey of personal development will find that their needs change and develop along with their skills. This applies to hobbies and leisure pursuits just as much as the world of work and education; a footballer might require better boots to finesse their tackling, an artist will certainly want to expand their range of brushes, and an electric guitarist will probably...
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