• 10 Songs Of The 70s Every Guitarist Must Know

    10 Songs Of The 70s Every Guitarist Must Know

    What a cocktail of change the world experienced during the 1970s! We saw the political fall of Nixon and the rise of Thatcher (along with the more physical rise of everyone who decided that platform shoes looked good). We had an oil crisis, built the World Trade Centre, met Charlies Angels and fell in love with the original Sony Walkman (anyone remember those?!?) And...
  • Another Brief Guide To Popular Guitar Models

    Another Brief Guide To Popular Guitar Models

    There are many areas of life involving choice where people frequently default to two immediate options. You want a burger? Fine – McDonalds or Burger King? Time to upgrade your phone? No problem – Apple or Samsung? Want to watch a scary film featuring face-hugging monsters and Sigourney Weaver at her most brusque? Easy – Alien or Aliens? Yeah, we know there’s two more...
  • Introduction To Fingerpicking

    Introduction To Fingerpicking

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    What came first - the chicken or the egg? This infamous dilemma of causality has been fascinating scientists, philosophers, theologians, cartoonists, and basically everyone else for millennia; was the egg a result of the chicken, or the chicken a result of the egg? Here at Guitar Head we’re a little more laid-back (no pun intended) about the whole thing. Whichever came first, they’re both...
  • Street Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide To Busking

    Street Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide To Busking

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    Here’s an interesting puzzle to ask yourself; what truly counts as your first ‘proper’ gig?  There’s sooooo many ways you could approach this question, starting with “what counts as ‘proper’ anyway?” Did your standout vocal performance at the primary school nativity show count? Maybe the time your parents made you strum through the first guitar tune you learned? Or perhaps a ‘proper gig’ has to involve an official venue with the crowd made up of strangers, and (most importantly) payment for your hard work? We’re...
  • Loop Pedals – An Introduction

    Loop Pedals – An Introduction

    The term “Music Technology” is deceptive.  In this early quarter of the 21st century we naturally assume the ‘technology’ element to involve computers or other digital equipment and accessories. But the strings on your guitar are an example of music technology – their whole existence was the result of extensive development and experimentation with materials and production techniques - a whole load of trial-and-error that spanned centuries. It’s the same story...
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