• Five Famous Female Guitarists

    Five Famous Female Guitarists

    It is a misconception that guitarists are men and men alone. As a test, I asked a fellow guitarist to name three famous female guitarists, and I was heartbroken to realize he was struggling to name even one. In a recent interview, a Swedish guitarist commented on us men, and I couldn’t shake off the feeling. The guitarist in question was spot on. “There’s...
  • Alternate Tuning

    Alternate Tuning

    First of all, thank you so much. It is because of your constant feedback that we are encouraged to explore more venues and help fellow guitarists understand all about music and guitars better. With that said, one such query that was in popular demand was that of alternate tuning. “OK, I know alternate picking. What on earth is alternate tuning?” Let me put it...
  • Use of Truss Rod / Intonation

    Use of Truss Rod / Intonation

    Many new guitarists, and some old ones, too, are unaware of the significance of something called truss rod and intonations. Well, if you are one of those, stop whatever you’re doing and read this. Take it from a guy who learned it the hard way just how important they are. Once, the band and I were performing in several cities. Different cities meant that...
  • 6 Essential Movies That Influence Guitarists

    6 Essential Movies That Influence Guitarists

    There’s no doubt about the staggering influence of cinema on contemporary culture, whether in terms of fashion, politics, awareness of scientific and sociological issues, or simply highlighting the perils of time-travel using a converted DeLorean sports car… But just consider what else has been inspired by movies over the years; new hobbies, interests, or even major decisions about what you want to do with...
  • 4 Licks in the style of Van Halen

    4 Licks in the style of Van Halen

    It's fair to say that 2020 is unlikely to be remembered as a vintage year by many people. And for us guitarists it's involved some pretty phenomenal human losses - Peter Green, Kenny Rogers, Charlie Daniels, Bob Kulick, Jack Sherman and Pete Way are just six of the magnificent talents we've sadly bid goodnight to. But possibly the greatest international shock was inflicted by...
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