Chord Theory Demystified : Unlock 531 Beginner Chords Using the CAGED System And Practical Examples

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I wrote a riff – how do I create a chord progression for it?

So, you’ve been playing the guitar for a while now. You know your basic open chords; you know what scales are and you know a few songs.

And now, you want to start creating your own music. You want to write a melody and play a few progressions on it. You want to create your own chord progressions to sing or solo on top of.

If you’re done with the “I just got a guitar” phase and want to start creating some real music – I invite you to check out Guitar Chords Demystified!

Unlock the inner mechanism of chords

The first step to writing your own music and creating your own chord progressions is understanding the chemistry of the chords. Understanding what makes a chord and why the C major chord is the C major chord.

That’s exactly what we’ve designed this book to do. It’ll break down the chords you know and love, teach you what’s inside and how it is constructed, all in plain English.

Then it’ll give you the tools you need to string multiple chords together and create your own chord progressions. It’ll also teach you what chords go together and how you too can create beautiful harmonies!

You’ll even learn how to play the same chord in different places on the fretboard using the CAGED system. And what shape to play in what context.

And to top it all, the book includes practical applications of the theory in multiple chord progressions that you can pick up and jam away with!

What’s inside

We start with the basics and help you along to the more advanced chordal concepts. And don’t worry if you don’t understand some of the below – it’s all explained in detail inside.

  • Foundation level introduction to chord formulas
  • A breakdown of your favorite open chords, triads and 7th chords
  • Rhythm strumming and creating your own chord progressions
  • Diminished chords, suspended chords, power chords, slash chords – all explained in plain English
  • More advanced topics like transposing and the use of a capo
  • Bonus chapter with 10+ chord progression examples

Instant access to 531 beginner chords

We’ve also included an entire chord dictionary in this book. It covers 50 pages and will give you instant access to 531 of your favorite chords!

So, if you ever have a doubt about a chord that you just created – look through the dictionary and we’ll tell you if it’s right.

To take your first step in creating your own songs, scroll up and click the buy now button.

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Chord Theory Demystified : Unlock 531 Beginner Chords Using the CAGED System And Practical Examples
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