Your Most Frustrating Guitar Lesson simplified!

Scales! The single most quoted technique of any successful musician! Yet many of us just can't make sense of these patterns! While learning scales can be a creative breakthrough for any guitarist, all of us can agree that it can be a pain in all the wrong places!

We have created a method to remove the frustration and teach you to solo and create music in a step by step manner.

A book intended to solve the problem every guitarist has to go through - mastering guitar scales!



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The Secret Method!

Start from just one scale!

  • Start your journey by creating a mental map of fretboard.
  • You can navigate elegantly to create the music of your dreams..
  • Tons of lick ideas to put the theory into practice.

Good Mix of theory and simplicity!

  • Simplified theory on how scales are formed and how they work.
  • Exercises to get you playing immediately.
  • Audio tracks for the licks and backing tracks for you to jam along.

Why is this method a secret?

Why is this method a secret?

Well, we created it, no one else knows! So…. Isn't that a secret?

Jokes aside, in this book, we teach you one scale - just one scale! But we teach you the way and method to learn every other scale you find in the future! We teach you the secret method to mastering scales as you start your journey to map out the fretboard.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a mental map of what notes to play on the fretboard to create good music? In this book, we give you all the tools you require to make sense of the boxes and help you stitch them together to make a colorful map of notes on the fretboard which you can navigate elegantly to create the music of your dreams!

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