Guitar Scales: 3 Book Bundle: How to Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music Even If You Don't Know What A Scale Is

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The series that helped more than 16,000 guitarists solo effortlessly - now at 20% off!

Have you been told soloing takes years of practice?

Are the theory and positions of guitar scales frustrating you?

Do you want to solo but have no idea where to start?

Every Successful Guitarist Attributes Their Success to One Thing – Guitar Scales!

Scales are easily the hardest guitar lessons you’ll ever learn on the guitar. With the amount of boring theory and mundane memorization that it involves, it’s definitely the hardest nut to crack.

To liberate you from all this misery, we’ve designed the ultimate guide to scales – a bundle of three of our best-selling books. A bundle that will handhold you from a person with no knowledge of scales to a person who can solo like a pro!

The Journey of a Lifetime Starts Here!

Mastering music is a journey of a lifetime and this bundle is where it starts. This bundle gives you all the tools you need to conquer scales – in one place!

Designed for absolute beginners, this book shows how absolutely anyone can master the fretboard in just 5 simple stepsmaking anything music theory related a 100 times easier.

With lessons ranging from how to learn your first scale to how to improvise and everything in between – this is the ultimate beginners’ guide to scales mastery!

So, if you’re a passionate guitarist with no prior music experience, looking to transform your guitar journey – this book is for you! With a carefully crafted and streamlined approach, it's only a matter of time before you become the guitarist you were always destined to be.

Here’s a few ways this bundle will transform your guitar journey:

  • A simplified step-by-step approach which will give you results – no advanced theory to confuse you.
  • The revolutionary method to master the fretboard in less than 24 hours!
  • The secret to mastering your very first scale – and every other scale thereafter.
  • With dedicated lessons for 30+ scales this book is your encyclopedia of scales!
  • Tons of exercises, challenges, and broken-down explanations – to make sure you understand what you’re learning.
  • Dozens of secrets, tips, and tricks to make you a better player.
  • 125+ tips and licks and how to create your own
  • How to improve your soloing

With these books by your side, scales and soloing won’t seem so hard anymore. And you'll be left wondering why you struggled with scales in the first place!

So, where do you want to be a few weeks from now? Still trying to learn guitar scales or soloing effortlessly?

Special Bonuses!

What’s more? With this bundle, you also get TWO FREE PDFs:

“25 things you are doing wrong with guitar” and how to avoid them.

“Learn to read guitar tabs in 60 mins or less!”

The list of benefits doesn’t end there. You also get additional exercises, flash cards, printable fretboard diagrams, audio tracks and backing tracks to make your playing more enjoyable.

And let’s not forget the exclusive access to a private community of passionate guitarists like yourself and weekly guitar lessons delivered to your inbox.

So, if you’re ready to start your journey and play the music of your dreams, scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button now!

Whats's Inside

A set of 3 individual books


1. Guitar Fretboard

Paperback : 8.5" x 11"

Page : 61

Paper : 60# Uncoated cream
Binding type : Perfect Bound

Cover Finish : MATTE


2. Guitar Scales for Beginners

Paperback : 8.5" x 11"

Page : 107

Paper : 60# Uncoated white
Binding type : Perfect Bound

Cover Finish : MATTE


3. Guitar Scales Bible

Paperback : 8.5" x 11"

Page : 133

Paper : 60# Uncoated white
Binding type : Perfect Bound

Cover Finish : MATTE

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Guitar Scales: 3 Book Bundle: How to Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music Even If You Don't Know What A Scale Is
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