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Guitar Fretboard: Memorize the Fretboard in Less than 24 Hours
Learning all the notes on the fretboard taking too long? Or worse - seems impossible? This book will unlock all the notes in 5 Simple steps! Why Should I learn the Fretboard? Throughout my years of experience with the guitar, I...
Guitar Scales for Beginners: How to Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music Even if You Don't Know What a Scale is
Break Through the Boxes and Get Soloing! Master Your Very First Guitar Scale and Change the Course of Your Musical Journey! Scales! The single most quoted technique of any successful musician! Yet many of us just can’t make sense of...
Guitar Scales Bible: An Encyclopedia of 30+ Unique Scales and Modes
Change the Course of Your Guitar Journey! - With Over 30 Scales And 125 Lick Ideas! You’ve got to learn your scales! – The advice that changed the course of my guitar journey! Guitar scales is the single most important thing that you...
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