Here’s why...

A fully memorized fretboard is one of the most underrated skills in the guitar world. It’s not expected
from a beginner, nor is it taught in the normal course of guitar learning.

But the smartest and best guitarists in the world know why fretboard knowledge can be the secret
to being good at guitar.

Why Memorize the Fretboard?

Apart from sounding extremely cool when you say “Oh, you played a C instead of a C#”, it
amplifies every area of your guitar playing.

1. Guitar scales won’t be just patterns on the neck.

Guitar scales are simply a couple notes repeated all over the fretboard.

If you understand this simple concept and have the fretboard memorized, you won’t need to memorize those endless scale patterns. Simply get set and solo!

2. You’ll unlock 1000+ guitar chords.

Chords are combinations of specific notes too. You can hold these notes anywhere on the fretboard to get chords in different contexts. And if you know the chord formulas, you just unlocked the gates to the world of harmony – without having to memorize them all!

But it starts with – you guessed it – fretboard knowledge.

3. Song writing becomes child’s play.

Break free from common chord shapes and sounds to venture into the wild west of music writing. Add your own chords to popular songs, change the key or simply be more creative.

Granted this is an advanced skill, but the shortest path to get there – fretboard memorization!

4. And the biggest benefit of them all – improvisation!

Improvising is natural to a person who knows the fretboard! New note combinations, unorthodox melodies, playing fluently with a backing track or even writing new melodies.
Nothing works if you can’t pick out the notes on the fretboard in an instant.

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But why aren't guitarists

Memorizing the fretboard?

<p><strong>"</strong>It's hard!<strong>"</strong></p><p><strong>"</strong>It seems impossible!<strong>"</strong><br/><strong>"</strong>It will come with time<strong>"</strong></p>

"It's hard!"

"It seems impossible!"
"It will come with time"

We agree with all of that. Memorizing 24 frets across 6 strings is not the easiest thing in the world.

And most guitarists only ever master it after 1000's of hours on the guitar.


We Have a cheat code

In this course, we’ve simplified this process that takes a “lifetime” into 5 easy steps. Using these, even absolute beginners have memorized the fretboard in less than 24 hours.

Some even in as little as 5 hours!

Guitar Fretboard

#1 Best Seller!

Pattern recognition and memory techniques to
unlock the fretboard in less than 24 hours

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Wondering how
we do it? Simple!

We combined pattern recognition with memory techniques and games to create a system that will show you patterns hidden in plain sight and give you short memory phrases like

Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie”

The first letters of each word will give you the name of the strings from top to bottom.

This will take the layout of the fretboard right to the brain – WITHOUT any sort of blunt memorization.

With over -

700 5–star reviews

This course has helped over -

39,000 guitarists

Gain the skill of the pros in -

24 hours!

Here's what they had to say...

After 54 years of playing guitar with most of the fretboard notes existing as a "mystery cloud", with a few simple-but-clever mnemonic devices (easy, simple, FUN little memory helpers) the cloud has been dissipated! Mr. "Guitar Head" has REALLY got something wonderful here for anyone who craves a STREAMLINED SHORTCUT to gaining confidence in knowing where those previously mysterious notes are! BRAVO GUITAR HEAD!

- Sandro Tartaglia

"It was super exciting to be able to learn during quarantine how to read the notes on the guitar frets and in less than 24 hours I finished the entire course."

- Lilliam Colon

"Love the Fretboard course! I found Guitar Head on the internet and knew right away that this was the right learning fit for me. Your course is all you claim it to be and it is awesome that there are freebie learning pages too."

- Micki

"These courses take a classic self taught guitarist (like me) who
loves music and picks up a guitar and helps you understand musical theory(notes, scales, etc...) and how it relates to songs in order to help you get on track to jamming with other musicians, writing your own music, etc!"
- Garrette Lehman

"Guitar fretboard is the first course I bought from Guitar Head. I purchased this course with much skepticism. However my skepticism quickly went away. I am an online student with Berklee College of Music and can tell you this course is the real deal. Looking forward to purchasing the complete series of courses from Guitar Head."

- Steven Retalic

"After playing for way too long I figured it would be a good idea
to learn the whole fretboard. Thanks to Guitar Head and being quarantined I’ve learned more in the last few months than the last 20 years. "

- Tom Travia

About Guitar Head

All of us picked up the guitar expecting it to be fun, relaxing and something to get away from – but the effort this piece of wood with 6 strings demands is surprising!

Yup! The bitter truth, isn't it?
What we face on a regular basis is frustration, a lot of it!

Complex music theory, finding the right lessons, figuring out the perfect tone, fighting finger fatigue and injuries, creative fatigue, the feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of not being able to play what you dream of.

The feeling in your stomach when you see a 9-year old nailing the song you’ve been working on for months! – the list is endless!

And we know exactly what that feeling is like.
And we want to help!

We at Guitar Head are focused on constantly studying the points of frustration guitarists face. And breaking it down to simplify and find solutions for it. Be it – easy instructions or a community of members to talk to. We want make guitar an enjoyable experience for you.

We want to help bring the focus to what really matters, i.e.,

  • Being able to express our emotions through music when words can't!

  • Finding strength in music when life gets tough.

  • Navigating the ups and downs your guitar journey throws at you to become a better person.

"Guitar is about
Fun, Personality & Expression
Not Frustration!"

It's Time to End the Frustration & Make Guitar Learning Fun!

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