Learning Bass Guitar just got easier...

Did you grow up watching legendary bassists like Robert Trujillo and Flea? Wanting to sound just like them, but not knowing where to start, convinced the bass would take years to learn?

Learning the bass guitar isn’t as hard as everyone thinks. All it takes is a few steps: a little theory, some well put together pattern recognition and memory techniques – pretty soon, you’ll be jamming on the bass like you’ve been playing it your whole life!

If you're a bass enthusiasts with no prior music experience - these books are for you. 



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How to play Bass in 7 simple steps

  • A step by step approach guaranteed to give you results - even if you've never held a bass guitar before!
  • The absolute basics - understanding tabs, rhythm and tuning of your 4-string beast.
  • How to play on thick metal strings: fingerstyle vs plectrums.
  • Diagnose and fix muffled notes - one of the biggest problems faced by bass players.
  • Decode the neck of the bass guitar: 2 simple ways to figure out the position of every single note on the bass fretboard.
  • 65+ exercises and tips to help progress your guitar journey.


Memorize the Fretboard in less than 24 Hours

  • The whole bass fretboard decoded in just 5 simple steps.
  • A step by step approach that gives you results – even if you are a complete beginner.
  • 35+ exercises and tips to make sure you get results as fast as possible.
  • Countless memory techniques to make your progress more effective.
  • Dozens of games and challenges make your guitar journey fun.
  • Beginner friendly - no prior music experience required!

Your bass journey starts here

Your bass journey starts here

The series that helped over 20,000 guitarists master the bass – now at 10% off!
Bass is the heart and soul of the band. Learning bass guitar is the trip of a lifetime - and this bundle is where you start. From basic questions, like how to hold a bass guitar and what to do with your hands, to more advanced skills like how to play a walking bassline – this book is the ultimate beginners’ guide. In 7 easy steps, you'll be jamming on the bass like you've known it your whole life.

Then comes the fretboard. With this book by your side, fretboard mastery will be yours – in less than 24 hours! How? This book takes advantage of the natural patterns on the fretboard and combines it with memory techniques“Elvis Always Danced Great” is one of our favorites. The fretboard contains a dozen more hidden patterns like these; identify them, and navigate the Bass fretboard effortlessly.

So, where do you want to be a few weeks from now? Still fantasizing about playing the bass or confidently jamming on your 4-stringed beast?

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