Guitar Chords Bundle: Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music

Confused by Chords? 

I know I was for the longest time, even after having played the guitar for years. If you don’t take  the leap, you will always stay stuck. These days that ‘leap’, is more like a small step with the amount of material available at your fingertips. Here we present to you the “Guitar Chord Bundle”, 3 absolutely essential books, together where they belong. 



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Memorize the Fretboard in less than 24 Hours

  • The whole process of learning the fretboard simplified into 5 easy steps.
  • A step by step approach which will give you results even if you are a complete beginner.
  • 35+ exercises and tips to make sure you get results as fast as humanly possible.
  • The theory behind every concept for those who need it.
  • Countless memory techniques to make the process as simple as possible.
  • Beginner friendly - no prior music experience required.
  • All this taught in less than a day!
  • Understanding what makes a chord - the chemistry of chords!
  • Everything you need to string multiple chords together - create your own chord progression.
  • A breakdown of your favorite open chords, triads and 7th chords.
  • practical applications of the theory in multiple chord progressions.
  • Bonus chapter with 10+ chord progression examples.
  • Diminished chords, suspended chords, power chords, slash chords – all explained in plain English
  • Instant access to 531 beginner chords. An entire entire chord dictionary which you can always refer back
  • An extensive chord vocabulary combined with an understanding of how they are constructed
  • You'll start to see fretboard differently. Unlock the fretboard with CAGED system.
  • With 1053 chords for you to refer to whenever you want, you’ll never be stuck for voicings or new chords ever again.
  • Chords will become more than just memorized hand shapes - start creating your own voicings!
  • Supercharge your Jazz guitar playing - It has everything you need become a real jazz cat
  •  Learn new and exciting voicings to add flavour to your progressions
  • Learn how inversions can add a new dimension to an ordinary song

Why Guitar Chords Bundle?

Why Guitar Chords Bundle?

You’ll have the fretboard memorized in less than 24hrs!

Say what?? Hard to believe but we’re not making this up! Knowing your fretboard is probably the single most important skill to develop to take your playing to the next level and we’ve cracked the code to share with you. Through pattern recognition techniques, quirky memory exercises and ultra efficient practices you’ll learn the notes and intervals on your fretboard the right way.

Chords made easy

Music theory makes perfect sense, there are no mistakes, only accidentals. Lame jokes aside, if you love playing the guitar but think you’re not the type of guy or gal to learn some music theory, you’re wrong. Everyone, (yes even you with the 3 second attention span) can learn chord theory and really enjoy it, we didn’t call it “Chord Theory Demystified” because it’s complicated. 

Not just for beginners

Many guitarists that have been playing even for decades, have plenty of holes in their repertoire and more than enough blank spots that keep them from progressing. So whether you’ve just picked up an axe or have been rocking your six string for years, what you’ll learn from the “Guitar Chords Workshop” is a total game changer.

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