Guitar Fretboard: Memorize the Fretboard in Less than 24 Hours

After 19 years of noodling, I finally get it...

 - Jacob Neuman. Guitar Head customer 

Memorize The Fretboard in Less Than 24 Hours

Have you been told that learning the fretboard takes years of practice?

Do you want to solo but have no idea how to navigate the fretboard?

Well, fret not – we’ve got just the thing for you. A one stop solution to decode the mysterious fretboard forever – IN JUST 24 HOURS!


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Never before discussed

- Beginner friendly - no prior music experience required!

- Memory techniques and games to make the process as simple as possible.

- A free book, flash cards and printable sheets included as bonus.

We've done the impossible!

- The whole fretboard decoded in just 5 simple steps.

35+ exercises and tips to make sure you get results as fast as humanly possible.

- Access to a private community of guitarists to help you with any questions.

But how?

Pattern recognition combined with memory techniques – that’s how!

This book takes advantage of the natural patterns on the fretboard and combines it with memory techniques – helping you unlock the fretboard faster than any method known to guitarists!

Eddie Ate Dynamite. Good Bye Eddie” is one of our favorites. 

The first letter of each word will give you the name of the strings top to bottom.

Have a flip through the pages

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

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