Let’s get real, 

no one likes practicing guitar…

But the first thing you’re told when you pick up a guitar is the amount of practice it needs. The glorified “fretboard grease” that you need build up to get good at guitar.

So, you do it without question – you play the same 1-2-3-4 exercises again and again and again. Hoping that all the “1-2-3-4-ing” is making a difference to your playing.

But we can’t help but wonder – we’ve had the guitar around for 100’s of years now, has no one found a better way to do this? We’ve sent people to the moon, but the 1-2-3-4 exercises are the best we’ve got?

The 4 biggest mistakes 

in a beginner’s practice routine

1. Lack of exercises or non-challenging routines

If you do not have exercises in your practice routine – you should’ve put them in yesterday! 

Get started with a few simple 1-2-3-4 exercises as a minimum and work your way up. Yes, the 1-2-3-4 exercises can get boring, but we suggest starting with a few of them to get comfortable with the guitar.

But that’s where it ends! 

As you keep progressing, make sure your exercises are getting harder. Be on the line between being able to play and having a constant challenge. Keep things challenging, fresh and exciting.

2. A routine that doesn’t evolve 

As a beginner, you’re moving fast! You might start with a few simple tunes and within a week, you’re playing chords, learning to strum, scales, techniques etc. But the exercises don’t catch up.

At this stage, most guitarists completely ignore exercises and the dedicated few continue with the few exercises they know.

Having trouble with chords? Play a few chord exercises. Learning to strum? You need rhythm exercises.

Guitar Exercises for Beginners

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3. Not having a schedule

One of the most common questions for a beginner is how much to practice. What to practice and how long to practice? And the common answer to that is – “as much as you can!”

A better approach to that would be to dedicate 10 minutes a day to exercises – even if you’re busy or stuck with work – finding that 10 minutes for a few exercises can take you long way on your guitar journey.

4. Not having variety in your routine

Consistency is key to guitar playing! And having a bag of exercises you can reach into will add a layer of fun to your practice routine, helping you build that consistent routine.

You’ll feel the magic of consistent exercises when you start seeing unexpected jumps in your skill. Or when you can suddenly play something that you previously couldn’t.

If you can check all the above boxes – you have a winning routine in your hand. 

Or we could help you out with it…

We’ve created the 

perfect practice routine 

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it's not snake oil 

to remove "practice". 

But we do have a refreshing way to do it.

A way to get the most juice out of each of your sessions.

We’ve thought of all the above problems to give a one-stop solution to them. 

Specially crafted for beginners, these exercises start from scratch and grow with you.

Have a look for yourself. 

Here's what's included

  • Starts from scratch with just got a guitar” exercises

  • Melody exercises for beginners to keep things interesting

  • Chord shifting and strumming exercises – the hardest nut to crack for beginners

  • Scale patterns and technique exercises to get you soloing

  • Advanced chords and popular song exercises. 

  • Audio and video for all the exercises included!

We’ve got you covered 

for more than 

2 years

With over 100 exercises that cover all the stages of a beginner’s guitar journey, this one book will give you all the exercises you need for more than 2 years.

Even if you pick a new exercise every day!

It’ll also provide you with variety, a constant challenge, and a routine that evolves with your guitar journey. 

Checking all the boxes of a perfect practice routine!

Guitar Exercises for Beginners

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All of us picked up the guitar expecting it to be fun, relaxing and something to get away from – but the effort this piece of wood with 6 strings demands is surprising! 

Yup! The bitter truth, isn't it?   
What we face on a regular basis is frustration, a lot of it!

Complex music theory, finding the right lessons, figuring out the perfect tone, fighting finger fatigue and injuries, creative fatigue, the feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of not being able to play what you dream of. 

The feeling in your stomach when you see a 9-year old nailing the song you’ve been working on for months! – the list is endless! 

And we know exactly what that feeling is like. And we want to help!

We at Guitar Head are focused on constantly studying the points of frustration guitarists face. And breaking it down to simplify and find solutions for it. Be it – easy instructions or a community of members to talk to. We want make guitar an enjoyable experience for you.

We want to help bring the focus to what really matters, i.e.,

  • Being able to express our emotions through music when words can’t! 
  • Finding strength in music when life gets tough. 
  • Navigating the ups and downs your guitar journey throws at you to become a better person

"Guitar is about 

Fun, Personality & Expression

Not Frustration!"

It's Time to End the Frustration and Make Guitar Learning Fun!