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Guitar Scales: 3 Book Bundle: How to Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music Even If You Don't Know What A Scale Is
The series that helped more than 16,000 guitarists solo effortlessly - now at 20% off! Have you been told soloing takes years of practice? Are the theory and positions of guitar scales frustrating you? Do you want to solo but...
$48.61 from $38.87
Guitar Exercises for Beginners: 10x Your Guitar Skills in 10 Minutes a Day
Are you a beginner feeling overwhelmed with the guitar? Are all the books you get your hands on a little too "Advanced"?! Being a beginner can be hard! You are often frustrated with the little to no progress you are...
$40.74 from $32.67
Guitar for Beginners: How to Play Your First Song In 7 Days Even If You've Never Picked Up A Guitar
It Took Me 3 Months to Play My First Song - But You’ll Be Doing That in Less Than A Week. It wasn’t because I was slow or bad at guitar. Neither was it because I practiced less. I was...
Chord Theory Demystified : Unlock 531 Beginner Chords Using the CAGED System And Practical Examples
I wrote a riff – how do I create a chord progression for it? So, you’ve been playing the guitar for a while now. You know your basic open chords; you know what scales are and you know a few...
Guitar Fretboard: Memorize the Fretboard in Less than 24 Hours
Frustrated by how long it takes to memorize the fretboard? Here's how you can do it in no time... Do you want to solo but have no idea how to navigate the fretboard? Are you a beginner struggling to memorize...
Guitar Scales Bible: An Encyclopedia of 30+ Unique Scales and Modes
Change the Course of Your Guitar Journey! - With Over 30 Scales And 125 Lick Ideas! You’ve got to learn your scales! – The advice that changed the course of my guitar journey! Guitar scales is the single most important thing that you...
Guitar Scales for Beginners: How to Solo Effortlessly and Create Your Own Music Even if You Don't Know What a Scale is
Break Through the Boxes and Get Soloing! Master Your Very First Guitar Scale and Change the Course of Your Musical Journey! Scales! The single most quoted technique of any successful musician! Yet many of us just can’t make sense of...
Bass for Beginners: How to Play the Bass in 7 Simple Steps
Introducing, the 7-step master plan to bass guitar mastery! Did you grow up watching legendary bassists like Les Claypool and Flea? Have you been inspired by these legends but don’t know where to start your journey? Have you been told...
Bass Fretboard: Memorize The Fretboard In Less Than 24 Hours
Have you been mindlessly memorizing every single note on the Bass fretboard – hoping to finally master it one day? Here’s the right way to do that… Are you unable to play a bass solo because you don’t know how...
Guitar Tabs: Learn to Read Tabs in Less than 60 Minutes
Being a Beginner Guitarist Can be Hard! Being a Beginner Who Can't Read Guitar Tabs is HARDER! You hear an incredible guitar solo and you want to play it right away! You do a quick search on the internet and...
Guitar Exercises: 10x Your Guitar Skills in 10 Minutes a Day: An Arsenal of 100+ Exercises for All Areas
Feeling stuck with the guitar? Not able to make the progress you want? Do you want to 10x your guitar skills with minimum effort? Have you been making little to no progress with the guitar? I have been there, so...
Guitar Chords Bible : Instant Access To 1053 Chords with Chord Functions And Progressions
Bored of playing the same old guitar chords? An extensive chord vocabulary combined with an understanding of how they are constructed is going to transform your guitar playing. Say goodbye to boring chord progressions, break out of your beginner mindset...
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